dimanche 19 avril 2015

Android game logic, modeling, engine what does this actually mean

lately I started look forward to making android games but I there are many pure technical things I don't understand.

1st What does the game engine actually do - I load game logic there(or I write it on Android/Java), I animate game characters or only load their sprites? but what if I don't use libgdx and instead use Unreal Engine/CryEngine/Unity what does it change?

2nd Where can I actually model things Maya maybe? Is it better to animate in Maya or in Game Engine (or it is not possible to animate it there?).

3rd Is there any difference in connecting with database (MySQL,SQLite) when using game engine or it is the same process as with normal Android apps?

4th Are there any special blogs, podcast like AndroidHive for example but for Android game development?

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