dimanche 19 avril 2015

How does simplecursortreeadapter works with expandablelistview and sqlite?

I am stuck with my project where i need to use ExpandableListView to display the data stored in the SQLite database. Well there's no tutorial on the following so i have googled the following and came accross this solution where we need to extend the adapter to simplecursortreeadapter to fetch the data from the sqlite database. But, i am not able to understand how it work's so reading all the posts out there without any tutorial is hard for me to understand the problem and implement the same in my project.

So can anyone please help me out with this? I hope there's so many people who is looking for this solution as there's no tutorial on the same. There's no proper information on how to populate the expandablelistview from the sqlite database compared to listview.

I have asked a question here but didn't receive any answer Link to the questions

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