dimanche 19 avril 2015

JSON.stringify(array) surrounded with square brackets

I'm trying to get an array of data to insert into multiple columns in an sqlite database, I'v got it almost working with this:

function InsertData(dbData){
var valueArray = [], dataArray = [];
var values = Object.keys(dbData);
for(var key in values){
valueArray[valueArray.length] = values[key];
dataArray[dataArray.length] = dbData[values[key]];
console.log("INSERT INTO "+dbData.table+" ("+valueArray+") VALUES ("+JSON.stringify(dataArray)+")");
dbData.database.run("INSERT INTO "+dbData.table+" ("+valueArray+") VALUES ("+JSON.stringify(dataArray)+")");

My data is constructed as so:

function EventData(title, value, other){
this.title = title;
this.value = value;
this.other = other;
EventData.prototype = new dbtools.DBData(usuevents, 'event');
var thisEventData = new EventData('newData', 4, 2);

DBData = function(database, table){
this.database = database;
this.table = table;

the console.log outputs INSERT INTO event (title,value,other) VALUES (["newData",4,2]) I just need the [] square brackets removed on (["newData",4,2]). How would I do this? Also if there is a better way to insert data into sqlite im open to suggestions. Thanks

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