dimanche 19 avril 2015

Query a SQlite generated model database and returning matched query results?

Sorry for the noob question, I have some experience with Ruby. For a quick background, I want to make a website the converts amino acids to their matching mRNA codon. I need a fixed, immutable 64 row database with 3 columns. Basically, what I want is the user to input a string into a text-area and break the string into 3 character string fragments "ttcttaatt..." --> (dnaCodon) [ttc][tta][att] --> that match to the database returning matched results (mrnaCodon ) [uuc] [uua] [auu].

My question right now is, I don't want this database viewable by users so it's all contained in the back end. I made my database as a model already so it's hidden. How do you query the database as a model and then pattern match?

I would attach photos but i am unable to.

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