mercredi 22 avril 2015

Sqlite in Windows 8 - Run as administrator [on hold]

I built a simple program that store some data in sqlite.

Program info:
The program is a winform developed in c# using windows xp machine. The database is store in a file name tnt.sqlite. The table/columns/etc is created using sqlitebrowser.

The observation:
When run under windows 8, the program seems to show a different data when run as an admin compare to run normally. As if it is running using 2 different database.

Even when I delete the tnt.sqlite file, the program still runs and show some data from database.

in XP, when tnt.sqlite is deleted, the program will throw an exception.

The Problem:
1. When I made changes to the database files (using sqlitebrowser in xp) and copy it to windows 8, the program seems to still run using the old database.

  1. User who runs as an admin and normally will have 2 different set of databases.

Help Needed:
Can anyone point me on where should I start to study about sqlite running in windows 8?

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